01543 888218

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Wherever possible we will work on a fixed fee basis, but due to the diverse nature of requirements this is not always possible. What we can confirm is that we will be open and honest in our quote to you, and make you are of the likely costs involved. 


Call us on 01543 888218 or email enq@ashprocess.co.uk to discuss your requirements.



Sometimes you have requirements that need detailed planning, timed visits, and may span the country, continent, or even the world. We can do it!



Our Bespoke Service is for when you need 'more'. They are generally in high profile cases, or involving substantial sums of money, and we understand the need for a professional, tenacious and logical approach to completing your instruction.



We can arrange visits to multiple addresses at exactly the same time, sit outside an address for 12 hours waiting on the 'serve it' phonecall, serve anywhere in the World, infact we can do just about anything you need us to.  



What our clients like most is that we take the stress out of the process serve element of the case. If you instruct us you know we will 'just do it', as you have specified, when you have specified, without fuss and without creating unexpected issues. A member of our administration team will be there whenever you need them, and you will never be left wondering what's happening, and frantically calling a phone which doesn't get answered.



Our reporting to you will be accurate and concise, in a fixed format every time, and your proof of service will be fully compliant with Court requirements, and returned to you promptly.