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Going over and above....

Instructed with the urgent personal service of an injunction with Power of Arrest on an individual described as 'known to display volatile behaviour and has recently been released from prison', our agent made an urgent attendance to the subject address on Friday evening.

On arrival there was no response from the address, but a neighbour helpfully confirmed that only 20 minutes earlier the respondent had been arrested, due to yet more volatile behaviour.

Not knowing which police station the respondent would be taken to (there was a possibility of three), our process server took this opportunity to call the possible locations. The respondent was not at any of them 'yet', but it was likely he was in transit, so contact details were left for custody to call should he arrive.

Later that night our process server again called the police stations and ascertained which station he was being held at, but as the respondent was extremely drunk, and not likely to be released 'any time soon', we waited until the morning to speak with the custody Sargeant to arrange a convenient time to attend.

Later that Saturday, attending at the police station, our process server was allowed access to the custody suites, where the respondent was personally served with the paperwork. While there, the process server also took the opportunity to lodge the Power of Arrest with the police, incase of further incident on his release.

It was this matter which gave us this lovely testimonial

"..... particular thanks to ASH and the process server in this case. You all really went above and beyond.


This was an incredibly urgent case for our client and ASH service really assisted with them being able to progress this case appropriately and ensure that proper safeguards are in place for other residents."

A.S.H. (UK) Process Servers Limited can arrange service of documents anywhere in England and Wales.

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