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Our range of tracing services


Commencing legal action against a party is reliant on knowing where that person is, as if you are unable to serve proceedings, you are unable to progress.

And in debt cases, it should always be considered whether the debtor has any means by which to fulfil the debt, as a judgment is worthless if the debtor has no employment, no income, and no assets.

Our tracing service compliments our process serving service, but we also accept instructions for trace only work.

All of our address location trace work is conducted on a no find no fee basis, meaning that you do not bear the costs incurred if we are unsuccessful.

For standard trace enquiries, we endeavour to report within 10 working days of receipt. We do also offer an urgent service for time sensitive matters.

Residential Address Trace Our trace team will locate a confirmed residential address for your subject. We will not provide an address unless our enquiries have confirmed your subject remains thereat - we do not provide addresses simply because there has been recent credit activity, or because that's the most recent address we can find - an address from us means they are definitely living there!

Employment Trace Useful for securing an attachment of earnings order, or for service of paperwork if the subject is being particularly evasive, we can trace employment details of your subject.

Please note employment traces are subject to knowing a current residential address, so if this is not known it will need to be traced first.

Beneficiary Trace From obtaining copies of birth, marriage & death certificates, to locating heirs and beneficiaries, we can assist with locating information to assist with the administration of a deceased estate. 

Other Enquiries Through our working partners we can also refer you to companies specialising in locating assets, vehicles and trace services requiring surveillance and ground based investigatory work. 

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