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International Process Serving – ASH (UK) Process Servers Limited

It’s tricky knowing where to start when it comes to serving legal documents overseas. If you have been successful in your case against another party, what is the next step to serving the paperwork if they live abroad?


It is likely that you will need the help of an expert in this field.

In the past month alone we have dealt with process serving requests in and from Luxembourg, Malaysia, Virginia US, The British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, California, Canada, Australia, Italy and Andora! With access to an International Network of process servers through our membership with the Association of British Investigators, we can assist you with service literally anywhere in the world, subject to local restrictions.

Each country and state may have their own local laws and requirements which affect the way your paperwork can be served. We treat each international instruction with care and individuality, taking time to understand your expectations and ensure that local agents are able to comply with your requests.

Just some of the points we will consider are:~

  1. Does the paperwork need to be translated into the local language or Respondents native language?

  2. Will original documents need serving or would you like scanned copies serving if local law allows?

  3. Are there any specific service requests i.e. personal service only, can be left at address with a responsible adult?

  4. Are there any time constraints?

  5. What method of Proof of Service do you require?

  6. Do you require electronic Proof of Service or an original?

  7. Will the Proof of Service be in English and if not, do you need help with translation?

A dedicated member of our administration team here in the UK, will be there whenever you need them, dealing directly with local process servers, combatting time zone differences and worrying about the detail that is so important when serving internationally. You will never be left wondering what’s happening, and frantically calling a telephone which doesn’t get answered.

Likewise, for clients outside the UK who require service in England, we can serve in accordance with either our or your local service rules, and have access to Notary Public services to provide an Internationally approved Proof of Service.

If your Respondent has left the UK or resides overseas at an unknown address, we can also offer an International Tracing Service to locate an address for service. This is chargeable on a no find, no fee basis, so it is always worth asking us to give it a go!

For all your international needs, take the first step today by contacting our experienced team to discuss your requirements

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