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Process Server Qualifications?

It may surprise you to know that there is NO requirement for a process server to have any recognised qualifications, or any kind of licence, in order to effect service of documents for you. It is therefore imperative you undertake due diligence to ensure your process server understands all the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules, Insolvency Rules, and any other Rules or Practice Directions which affect your documents.

Does your process server know that a Non Molestation Order can be served by telephone? Do they know that a Winding Up Petition should not be letterboxed if the building is empty, or that it needs to be served at the Registered Office even if the company have not been there for a number of years?

Furthermore, there is no requirement for a process server to hold any form of insurance to protect you if anything should go wrong.

ASH (UK) Process Servers Ltd are fully conversant with the service requirements of all document types, and can ensure a quick & cost effective service. We are also fully insured.

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