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Quality, Service & Price - can a Process Server offer 'the best' in all three?

What I find interesting in the world of process serving, is that clients who have minimal requirements for process servers are generally extremely price sensitive, and are always looking for 'the lowest quote'. This may be because they are not aware of some of the major consequences of choosing based purely on price, such as in-effective service or missed deadlines. Clients who regularly use process servers are much more likely to consider a number of other factors when choosing who to work with. Can a process server offer the lowest price, whilst maintaining quality and service?

Let’s look at these three factors in the process serving industry.

Quality: What determines quality in process serving? I think the key areas clients look at are how long it takes to get a paper served, how soon they are aware service has been made, accurate proofs of service received quickly, & experienced process servers that understand the law so they are not left in a position where the service is called into question in the middle of proceedings. Our clients regularly tell us they like working with us because they know they aren't going to have to chase us up for updates and statements, and they can just send the paperwork to us and know it will 'get done on time'.

The effort to perfect these areas takes time and is a continual process. Investing in technology & training helps us achieve this. We have invested heavily in a bespoke case management system (owned by us and written specifically for purpose). The software enables us to provide prompt reporting, but so much more too.

Providing guidelines for both our process servers and administration team is also critical in making sure the paperwork flows quickly where it needs to be. Internal policies help us ensure this process is as seamless as possible and that all new service instructions are entered immediately, that served jobs and statements are returned promptly, and that returns are checked for accuracy. We work hard at maintaining processes that makes us as efficient as possible and meet clients needs for a fast and accurate service.

Service: In an industry where we literally “serve”, what type of service are clients looking for? The bottom line is they want their papers handled fast, efficiently, and they want it communicated to them how they like. Every client likes to communicate in their own preferred way, some want a call when a paper is served, others an e-mail. Our case management system can deal with all of this, allowing us to truly tailor the service we offer. We are available when you need us, whether it’s through e-mail or a phone call, and we try to answer and respond immediately. Administration staff are always available between 9-5 on weekdays, but client also have an out of hours contact number and are welcome to contact us whenever they have a need. We have a detailed daily reports generated by our system and reviewed by the admin team to continually monitor when we last provided you with an update, when your paperwork service deadline is & when the hearing is, meaning we can ensure you receive everything you need in a timely manner.

Communication is critical in relationships, personal or business and we want to communicate in a way that our clients like.

We also ensure we work with only the best process servers in the industry, increasing our personal service rates and ensuring prompt attendance times.

We are continually striving to provide the best client experience, and while we can't say we do this 100% of the time, we do have a great system in place that helps us get very close.


Which brings us on to price. Process servers fees can vary greatly. Prospective clients will sometimes tell us that they have been quoted less elsewhere, asking us if we can match the price 'because you sound more professional so I'd rather use you'. The answer is always no. We 'sound more professional', because we are more professional. When you receive a quote from us, it's not necessarily just for the service of the documents - it's the experience of 20 years in the industry meaning we can draw upon a wealth of past knowledge to work out the best way to achieve service, the knowledge of the requirements of the courts, the dedicated administration staff who make sure you are kept up to date with progress, the investment in bespoke case management systems to ensure we are reporting quickly and providing witness statements which are fully compliant.

We have the costs of maintaining our offices, keeping up to date with technology to ensure a seamless process, maintaining staff levels to ensure we are always available when you need us etc. Each company has to look at what their overhead is and decide what they need to charge on a serve to stay profitable. A sole trader working from his/her home, without professional indemnity insurance, and answering their mobile to potential clients whilst out completing the serves is probably going to be able to offer a cheaper price than we are.

That said, our pricing is extremely competitive. Our investment in streamlining the process as much as possible means we are able to offer the best quality and service, without it hugely impacting on our price.

So, can we offer the best quality and the best service and be able to price match the lowest price you have been quoted? Probably not. But we wont be too far away from that price, & what we can offer you is 'the best value for money', and really, that's what everyone should be looking for.

If you have a requirement for a process server, either on an occasional basis, or for a long-term ongoing relationship, contact us on 01543 888218 or email

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