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The mystery of the missing hearing date..... take care when printing!

We received a number of winding up petitions from the client in the post. They had received them electronically from the court, but printed and posted them to us. When carrying out our pre-serve checks and inputting the data to our case management system, we noticed there wasn't a hearing date endorsed on them. The court seal and case reference was there, but no hearing date?

A quick call to the client confirmed the electronic version had a hearing date on them, but the printed version didn't show it. The client emailed us the electronic version, which printed with the hearing endorsement on it when we printed it.

We noted that when the court have issued the petition, the hearing endorsement had been added as a 'comment' on the PDF, and not added to the PDF itself (as the seal and court reference had been). When the client printed the document, his settings were set to print the 'document only'. Printing the 'document only' will not include any markups or additions to the PDF, meaning the 'comment' for the hearing endorsement does not print. My printer settings are set to print 'document and markups', meaning the hearing date printed for me.

To ensure you don't miss vital information on your printed copies, you need to ensure your print settings are set to 'document and markups'.

How to avoid the same mistake when you email a document to someone else

The issue is, that if you email this to someone else, and they are also not aware of this issue, they may print it without the hearing date too. You can stop this happening by making a brand new PDF with everything on it. Go to print, and select 'Print to PDF' with 'documents and markups' selected. This will generate you a brand new PDF file which includes the markups within the actual PDF, meaning even if printed on 'document only' everything will be included!

I hope this helps!

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