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TOP TIP - A document scanner in your pocket

We routinely get calls from clients asking us to serve documents urgently - the only problem is, they are waiting for a colleague to get back from court with the final order before they can scan the bundle in and send it to us. The colleague is stuck in traffic, but if they are not back soon the service deadline will be missed. This happens frequently, & many people do not know there is a free and very easy solution!

'Clear Scan' is a mobile app (available for both Android and Iphone). Once installed, you use the phones camera to take a 'photo' of the document, which is then cropped & rotated (automatically with manual adjustment if you need it) until the image appears as it if was a document scan. I've found the results are actually better than a lot of desktop scanners can provide - and it scans in colour! You can then save the file and send through the email software on your phone to the recipient.

By using this while at court you can save potentially hours in rushing back to the office to scan it in, and can also be used when making house & field calls to get signed paper documents and statements scanned back to your office immediately.

This is definitely a mobile phone app every professional person should have!

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