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What do you do when every other process server says ‘computer says no’?

Sometimes, you just have to think a little outside the box. A client called today asking for assistance with a process serving instruction. She had called every process server they normally deal with at their office, and everyone had said it couldn’t be done. By chance, she mentioned it to a colleague in another office, who uses our services, and she suggested she call us to see if we could help.

The issue with this service was a logistical one – it is 15.45pm, the paperwork is at Court 80 miles away from the service address, and multiple attendances are needed, so an agent local to the Court would not be able to deal multiple visits 80 miles away (or the cost would have made it prohibitive). The client was too far away from Court to collect it themselves, and the agent in the service area physically could not drive the distance required before the Court closed at 5pm to collect the paperwork. So yes, on paper, the answer is no, and this is the response our (new) client got from every other process server.

However, we don’t say ‘no’. We don’t say ‘it can’t be done’. We will ALWAYS try to offer an alternative. In this case we suggested to the client that they contact the Court and see if the Court would be willing to scan and email over the paperwork. The client could then forward it to us, and our local agent could serve that evening.  (Incidentally we also had a plan ‘C’ involving a local agent to the Court collecting the paperwork and meeting an agent local to the service address at the half was point – but this would have been expensive so was saved as a final option if all else failed).

The client rang the Court, who were more than happy to send over the paperwork by email…………. we are waiting for it as we speak.

Just because another process server tells you that something cannot be done, that does not mean what we cannot find  you a way to get your paperwork served.

For more information, call the team on 01543 888218 or email

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