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URGENT! What we need to know

With urgent instructions representing around 20-30% of our workload, we are fully versed in dealing with these matters. This is what we will need to know to be able to confirm our availability and give you a fee quotation.

1. What documents do you have?

2. Where is the service address?

3. Are the documents ready now, and if not, what time will they be ready?

4. Can they be served on first visit, or do we potentially need to make multiple visits to achieve personal service?

5. What is the absolute final service deadline?

6. How will you get the paperwork to us?

7. If you are sending a scan, approximately how many pages are there?

With all this information we can check our agent availability, and provide a fee quote.

Call 01543 888218 if you have an urgent instruction we can assist with

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