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Websites / Apps to help legal home workers

With so many of the legal profession moving to home working, something many have never done before, it's a stressful time and everything is taking longer than it should.

Below are 4 apps and websites which may help!

1. - from splitting or deleting pages from PDF's, merging files, converting them to Word (or from Word to PDF), adding and removing passwords, compressing files and more - this is a great tool. For a very small monthly fee you can download the desktop version to keep your sensitive documents off the cloud!

2. Clear Scanner App - Not having a scanner at home can cause problems, and photos don't look great. Go to the app store on your mobile phone and download a free scanning app - we use 'ClearScanner'. Take a photo of your paperwork, and the app will turn it into a scanned PDF document for you!

3. - People will be taking photos on mobile devices more than usual due to the lack of scanners, and forgetting to change the settings to reduce the size of the files. You can use this website to reduce the file sizes down and make them more manageable

4. - We're here (and have home working arrangements to ensure you will always be able to speak to us), and happy to assist our clients in any way we can. Just because you would not normally ask us to print a document and post it for you because you are in self-isolation, that doesn't mean you can't ask us now! If you think we can help you, just ask!

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